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Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows

Yes, The Histrioniks will have an on-air interview with Country Fried Rock Radio on Monday February 7th that will then appear on the Wildman Steve Show along with songs by the band. Tune in and turn on!

Country Fried Rock radio, Thursdays, 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific,


Annette Conlon spins "Hey Sincere" on Netteradio out of sunny California, Wednesday February 2nd, 2011. Catch the show and all her Wednesday shows 6-8pm PST. You can also catch the show on demand - check out the links below.  (sign up for our weekly playlist newsletter)


"TEE-M's UNsigned Music Show" # 57
on WPMD's "Rock 50" w/ Mike Stark...  
Howdi Histrioniks...your music (surprise) will be cranked up for the world...

Sat. Jan 29th 11am-1pm (LA time) LIVE STREAM on  goin' worldwide.
By Sunday evening, the show can be heard "ON DEMAND" for about a month.
In the meantime you can listen to last month's show on Demand right now!
Click on TEE-M's UNsigned in the Pop-Out Player.

Spread the word and crank it up!!  
Thanks for being a part of the UNsigned Revolution!!!  
All the best...  
TEE-M  (Tariq)  


Bill Kelly's "Teenage Wasteland" - Archives and Playlists - Only Real Rock 'n Roll Gets Played Here!!!

Direct Links to The Histrioniks are below:

"Camouflage Baby" - November 14th 2010

"Interrupted Again"   - October 17th and 31st, 2010

"Hey Sincere" - October 24th and November 7th, 2010

Womens Radio every day (3-7pm EST) hosted by Brian Ball - Listen to their pick from The Histrioniks
Litter - "(You Don't Want To Be) In The Doghouse With Your Cat"


The Next Big Thing - October 21st, 2010


"My Life As Liz" premiers on MTV Monday, January 18th, 2010 at 10:30PM EST. The Histrioniks will be featured on two shows:

"Anger Cherry" will be on Episode #4, Monday February 1st, 2010 at 10:30PM EST.

"Gone" AND "Anger Cherry" will both be played on Episode #7, February 22nd, 2010 at 10:30PM EST

Click on below for a peek at the trailer to the show and for twitter.
or for twitter:


Now and Then Wednesday July 2nd, 2008 (9-11 EST)

'Nette Radio


100th show of The Izzie Voodoo Show

Friday June 27th



New Video on You Tube -




Wednesday October 31st , 2007

(All Hallow's Eve)

The Histrioniks on MTV

The Show : "Pageant Place"

The Time : 10:30 EST

The Song: "Saints In Atticus"


Sunday January 28th

9-11pm EST

WRYR, 97.5 FM in Sherwood , MD

Andy Och's Local Lowdown

The Histrioniks Live Interview, tunes and more - be there!



Sat. Dec. 9th 11am - 1pm (pst) Live on
 goin' worldwide. On "TEE-M's UNsigned Music Show" # 27
on WPMD's "Rock 50" w/ Mike Stark...

 After that our song will spin around 90 times till the next live show.
 The show replays daily at 7am, 3pm and 11pm (pst) on
 the alternative stream

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