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Here are some links to some cool sites:

CatErratic Records - our label, your label. Check out the new artists



ITunes - Direct link to The Histrioniks

Myspace - join and tell us what you think?

Rock and roll raunch - the debut CD from The Thromboes also on CatErratic records.


Direct link to CDbaby for The Thromboes -listen to every track!



Surf instro mania from Charm City

Fabulous studio in Charm City - Mike Potter rules!! "Thin" & "Camouflage Baby" came from Orion Studios.

The studio where the first two CD's were recorded - "Homesick" and About This Girl"


Our choice for graphic art and design. She's Fab!

Radio Stations That Play The Histrioniks

Bill Kelly's "Teenage Wasteland" every Sunday from 3-5pm EST. The home of "Real Rock and Roll."

Very cool radio show hosted by Brian Ball - Women's Radio - out of Carson City Nevada

hip radio show that began in Dallas and is now out of L.A. - Annette and Doug Rock!

Martin's NBT - the Next Big Thing Podcast - Awesome!



Check out TEE-M's unsigned show. Bound to leave ya Spellbound!

Wild underground website and radio show featuring Frank Moore

The Pop League - just "the" coolest music co-op out there - the end of myspace???

Izzie Voodoo's show for and from the hip. From the UK!

Online Zines that have reviewed The Histrioniks

 Cool site with a huge variety of hip artists - Rich has a big ear!

Great indie site! Amy digs The Histrioniks and we dig her!


Great site featuring constructive reviews, hip sounds and more.


Check out the rock and roll history of Gary Pig Gold as well as his well-crafted music.

Great online reviews for The Power-poppers!

Cool independent site for the stuff you don't hear - Chip Withrow is the man!

The coolest, surfiest, rock 'n rolliest site on the net. Duke is a superstar! Emma Jade Gunn is a Cool Hand Luke behind the pen - simply the best!

Miscellaneous Sites

Check out Camouflage Baby's Press Release as well as other bands at


The Histrioniks on Not Lame! Just the coolest Pop site of them all!

 Richard Filaccio - alternative pop at it's best - better check him out!

Jan is "the psychedelic diva" - great site, Psychedelic Central

Bryan Farrish Productions - June Caldwell is the best!!

Andy Och's local lowdown - yeh, man - way happenin'!

Very cool band from the Lone star State

Master Blues Guitarist and lifelong friend, Robert Heft

All Women All day!


An old comrade in arms. Great music from Minneapolis.

 From NYC, two old comrades in arms. Pop extraordinaire!

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